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From the moment MASB opened for business in 1979, our forward thinking insights and practical implementations have continued to drive for significant achievements in the agricultural industries as follows:-

Clean Hot Air System

BIOCHAS FBC Multifuel Biomass Fired Clean Hot Air System complete with Biomass fuel storage & transport system, heat transfer & automated temperature control system for individual dryer zone.

Hot Air System - Cyclonic Husk Furnace

Design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of new rice husk energy conversion plants for paddy drying system.

Hot Water System – Husk-Fired Hot Water Packaged Boiler

Fabricate, supply, deliver, install, testing & commissioning of one (1) unit husk-fired integral packaged type hot water boiler generator system suitable for existing paddy dryers using hot water drying system.

Steam Converter and Heat Transfer System

Fabricate, supply, deliver and install steam converter and heat transfer system